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Castration center Praha 4
With the newly equipped operating room to expand services for miniivazivní neutering center.
Surgical health care
We also perform complex surgical, orthopedic and oncological interventions, including hospitalization.
Come tentative look on visit
The interior of the clinic was designed for maximum satisfaction for you and your pet.
Modern laboratory diagnostics
We are a modern workplace with modern diagnostic laboratory and operating room.
Modern imaging techniques
At our clinic we perform SONO and X-ray high-tech devices
Additional sales of feed and diet
Of course, our clinic is also selling special feed and other goodies.

Veterinary Clinic Michle is fully equipped workplace for your animal friends. In the Contacts section you will find all the important numbers.


We offer comprehensive services

In our clinic you can take advantage of comprehensive services, including preventive blood tests that we perform on our site. Furthermore, we order a full range of veterinary diet, feed and supplements for dogs and cats.

Our Team
MVDr. David Jíra, Ph.D.
MVDr. Jitka Bednarz
DVM. Janette Bujok
Bc. Naďa Vojteková
Lucie Kamenická
(Czech) Zaměření: Sálová a ambulantní sestra