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  •  Sedation and anesthesia (local, global)
  •  pain relief
  •  soft tissue surgery (castration, caesarean section, gastric torsion, enterotomy, enterektomie, exploratory laparotomy, hernia
  • (Umbilical, inguinal, perineal), operational solutions neoplasms, emergency trauma, plastic surgery, removal
  • Tumor modified dairy bars, etc.)
  •  Eye surgery (ectropion, entropion, sculpture third eyelid, treatment of corneal erosions and ulcers – Flap, patency of tear duct
  • enucleation, evisceration of the globe, exenteration of the orbit)
  •  surgery ear (ear canal ablation, resection of the ear canal, othematomy)
  •  orthopedics – dislocation goblets, ruptured knee ligaments, fractures osteosynthesis