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Therapeutic and diagnostic HEALTH CARE

  •  Dermatology (microscopic diagnosis of skin scrapings, diagnosis dermatitis, parasites, treatment of atopy, fingerprinting preparations, mycological culture,
  • cytological and histopathological examination)
  •  dentistry (removal of tartar, tooth extraction)
  •  Gynecology and Obstetrics (ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis, monitoring pregnancy and antenatal consultations, management of labor, termination of unwanted
  • pregnancy, vaginal cytology, determining levels of progesterone and estrogen)
  •  Urology (sonography of the urinary system, treatment of diseases of urine. system, prevention and treatment of urinary stones – urine)
  •  Endocrinology (diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, adrenal gland)
  •  RTG – suspected fractures, disease in the thoracic and abdominal
  •  Sonography – abdominal cavity (liver, spleen, kidney, intestines, bladder), thoracic (the presence of effusion, etc.)
  •  cytology – an examination of swabs from the ear, skin formations (resolution of tumor and non-tumor etilologie), effusion in the abdominal and thoracic cavity, vaginal
  • cytology, vyš.močového sediment, blood smears in suspected blood parasites and cancer of the blood)
  •  oncology (diagnosis and therapy)
  •  Gastroenterology (diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the stomach and intestines)
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of liver disease
  •  Diagnosis of heart disease
  •  samples and blood tests (complete blood count and its interpretation)