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PROGRAM preventive blood testing (within 30 minutes of collection)

  •  complete biochemical and hematological blood tests
  •  serological blood tests for diseases transmitted by ticks and stinging insects (borreliosis, anaplasnóza,
  • ehrlichiosis and heartworm)
  •  vyštření serological blood for infectious diseases in cats (FIV, FeLV, FIP)
  •  testing for T4 (thyroid), cortisol (Cushing’s syndrome)
  •  geriatric patient programm – early diagnosis of kidney disease in the stage 1 and 2 before development
  • azotemia in the blood using the ratio of protein and creatinine in urine
  •  patients with recurrent diarrhea – serological determination CPL (specific pancreatitis. lipase) with a 93% sensitivity to
  • detection of pancreatic disease